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Read more about Craig's debut book, Hard Rivers, which describes the harrowing effort by teenagers to reenact La Salle's 1681-82 canoe voyage from Montreal to the Gulf of Mexico...ON TO HARD RIVERS

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Cast a Giant Shadow: Patriot George Wythe

George Wythe would never be mistaken for handsome. He had a hawk-like nose and a badly receding hairline, and he was so slight it seemed that a stiff wind would blow the man down. Painter John Trumbull drew Wythe (pronounced like the word “with”) from life, traveling down to Williamsburg, Virginia for the sitting. Then he put the old man – who was all of 50 – at the far left edge of his canvass, where a frame might hide him in the famous portrait The Declaration of Independence. Patriot George Wythe has been marginalized by...CLICK HERE


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Craig P. Howard grew up along Salt Creek, a tributary of the Des Plaines River, at what was then the edge of suburban Chicago. The weed-choked stream and the woods on its banks formed a playground for children with imagination....READ MORE